The special events.We know them.The award shows, weddings, parties,fancy dinners…Well, fancy dinners are not a special event to some people but that’s besides ths point. 😀 With so many events coming up you always feel the need to look your best. But looking your best and feeling your best can be two different things. You may look very lovely but feel like you want to claw your eyes out because your heels are killing you. Call that ‘shoe-i-cide’ . Badum tss! 😀

This post came to me in a dream like the prophets of old….Well,not really.It came to me when I was at an event and I was so uncomfortable in my dress that I felt I needed to say something.To you. So gather round.

how to get ready for an event

Dress by Kidosho

Here’s how to ensure you feel your best at a special event:

1.Wear comfortable shoes.

By comfortable shoes I don’t mean low heels or flats. I mean comfortable. Whether high or low, just make sure they’re comfortable enough for you to strut around. Make sure they’re not too tight or too loose.If they’re too tight just know you’re spending the next day with an ice pack on your feet. It’s like having a hangover.For feet. If they’re too loose they end up feeling like bathroom slippers. We don’t want that now, do we?

2.Don’t experiment right before an event.

By this I mean don’t go around using new products like new skin care or perfume the day of the event. It may break you out in terms of pimples or rashes. Try everything new way before.Like a week or more before so that you have time to gauge where you are with that item.

winnie the fashionista

Necklace from a #madeinkenya brand called The Pink Savannah

winnie the fashionista

3.Pick comfortable clothes.

The number of times I have seen girls trying to pull up their dress to cover their cleavage(yours truly here too) or pull their dress down because they feel it’s too short…They look fabulous but seem uncomfortable. So if you can, make sure you find a balance between clothes that look good and make you feel good too. I should take my own advice here. This has happened to me more than once. But I digress. If you can, carry or wear something for when it gets cold. I’m not saying chivalry is dead.I’m just saying that you may not find a guy to offer his jacket or coat to you… It’s cold in these streets fam.:D


winnie the fashionista

4.Wear the right under garments.

The clothes you wear inside are just as important as the clothes you wear outside. This is especially for the ladies. The right underwear is key.

-Right colour bra: I’m talking about a bra that is the right colour.Mostly black.It goes with everything and won’t show under your clothes. You can also wear a bra that is nude, meaning it is the colour of your skin tone.Not beige. Don’t let a bright blue bra ruin your ‘fit by peeking through.

-Strapless bra: If you wear your outfit and find that your bra straps are showing, go for a strapless bra. Not transparent straps.Those are as useless as the human appendix. Mine eyes can seen thine bra straps. 😀

-Try pasties: Also, if you’re going to wear an outfit with a plunging neckline, try pasties so that you don’t have to wear a bra. These are worth getting. If you have a bigger bust and your dress design doesn’t allow you to wear a bra, try Kim Kardashian’s trick that uses masking tape!

-Silicone bras: Silicone bras also help if you don’t want your bra to be seen. Especially if your event dress is backless and you don’t want the back of your bra to be seen. Below are some options for you to try:

-Go seamless : Pretty girl, I don’t want to see your visible panty line. Keep it classy by wearing underwear that doesn’t have seams.

– shape wear : With the rise of Spanx, every woman in Hollywood would rather be caught dead without these. Shapewear keeps your body snatched and gives you a confidence boost.Not to mention it hides all the imperfections that you may want hidden away.Where my fellow cellulite sisters at? 😀 Especially with a body-hugging outfit, these hold you together all through. Shop some of my shape wear picks below. The ship internationally too! What are some of your event hacks?


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