It’s not you.It’s me. I’m going away. I know.I should have said something.
I’m going to the UK to puruse a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship.At the University of Essex to be exact. For one year.This is my last week here. Yeah! Cat’s out of the damn bag. But at this point it feels more like an elephant.And I think the elephant tore the damn bag. I’ve wanted to tell you since December but I wanted to make sure that I actually had a visa.Otherwise I would be like that classmate who told you they were transferring schools…For the whole 4 years in High School.I didn’t want to jinx it.

winnie the fashionista

It’s kinda terryfying to be honest. Making new friends, learning how to use the public transport system all over again,new food…Horrible UK weather. Not to mention no ugali and nyama choma for a few months.Nooo! Not the nyama choma.But it’s a new phase that is necessary for many of us. Hopefully one that makes us better. I promise I won’t come back with an accent.It’s only a year. πŸ˜€ But I will try and keep blogging. I can’t just hang you guys out to dry! Who else will be giving you your weekly dose of sarcasm and fashion combined?

So go ahead and follow me on Instagram @winniethefashionista for ‘Keeping up with Winnie’ since I’m not famous and I can’t afford to have a whole reality tv camera crew follow me around haha. πŸ˜€

winnie the fashionista
Now that that’s out of the way.Back to your regularly scheduled program. πŸ™‚

Urs Truly Grace is the Kenyan designer behind this grey crop top. The jeans are from Levi’s here. I got the back pack from Forever 21 when I was in the States last year. The boots are also from Forever 21 but I’ve included similar options for the boots and backpack below.

Winnie the fashionista

Huge shoutout to Onehundred Years Kenya for letting us shoot at their store. They stock quality ‘Made in Kenya’ shirts for men. Check them out and tell them I sent you.

Photography by Gerald Masolia.


TOP : Urs Truly Grace

JEANS : Here(I’m wearing a size 28)

FEDORA : Here, here, here

BOOTS :Alternatives here

BACKPACK : Here, here, here here and here

Free Shipping on orders over $30 at


  1. Hey Winnie just came across your blog and I love every bit of it. I was glued to it for almost an entire day just going through your posts. Keep them coming and all the best in your studies. I would also like your input on what the course entails? I am thinking about doing a business course for my masters and haven’t really figured out what I want.

    • Hi Susan.Thanks for the support. And thanks for the best wishes. My course is basically about Entrepreneurship and Innovation. How to start and run a business and how to be innovative in your business. It has some economics as well as international business and supply chain. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and those who want to run their family businesses or those who want to work in a company and want the knowledge on how to grow that company. I hope this answers your question. All the best in your future course!

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