I think it’s safe to say that I’ve adapted to the weather here. The moment I got off the plane was the moment I wanted to get back in and go back home! The cold that hit me.

winnie the fashionista

When you’re used to a minimum of 17 degrees,you feel like 9 degrees is torture. I have come to learn that V-neck t-shirts and tank tops are useless during fall/autumn. Haha. Silly me.

winnie the fashionista

Luckily I carried this wool wrap coat from Vivo. I wear it all day everyday. I also actually wear a lot of black. Boots are also essential for fall because of the cold.

winnie the fashionista

This cape coat from Urs Truly Grace is also  so handy in the cold.

winnie the fashionista

Everyone keeps telling me how much colder it’s gonna get. It’s already bad enough. Am I missing something? 😀

winnie the fashionista

winnie the fashionista

But school is…Well,school. Imagine trying to get a postgraduate degree in one year. So much information,so little time. By the way I have an Economics class. Damn son. I thought me and math were done. For life. I’m pretty sure I signed the divorce papers math gave me when I finished high school.

Anyway, see you next post! 🙂


Wool coat-Vivo Stores

White cape coat- Urs Truly Grace(Instagram)

Black lace bodysuit-here

Necklace-Forever 21.Love this one here and here

Boots-Forever 21.Similar here

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