The date:16th February 2017, the place ,Essex . The time, 4.45am .
You know when you get sick and your African parent tells you “Remember when I told you to wear a sweater in 2001?”
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For the second time in my life I have a Flu! Not common cold. Flu. Like body temperature of 39 degrees,headache, sore throat,body ache…the works. After coughing for 6 hours non stop I decided to cover my head and type this under my duvet.
I have just discovered that the reason for my cough is the dry winter air! Of course.
After trying all forms of western medicine; the syrups, the tablets…And after trying everything that grows from the ground, you know, ginger,garlic…Faith of a mustard seed.
Only to discover that the air is making me cough like a dog.
Kenyan fashion blogger
With the highest temperature being 6 degrees and lowest being -3 in the winter in the UK…My body and it’s immune system is on strike. It’s just like “If we don’t get an increase in salary(read temperature) we’re not working.” Like, I need to come up with some sort of ‘Back to work’ agreement.
I wish I were able to wear this dress from Vivo here in the UK right now. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. Just because…winter.
kenyan fashion blogger
kenyan fashion bloggerI paired the dress with a beautiful beaded choker/headband from Maasai Market. Keeping it #madeinkenya all the way. 🙂
kenyan fashion blogger
This post was shot by Willis Wangila. Follow him on instagram (@kraizee_willis)

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