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Our roads are flooded from here to heaven. I’m so happy I don’t have to pay to swim at Impala Sports Club anymore. The pool comes to me *Laughs in sarcasm* .

Tokeo la picha la laughs in sarcasm


I’m tapping away furiously at this keyboard as it rains outside. How is it possible that it can rain and flood all week and parts of Kenya still don’t have running water? *sips coffee* *slams coffee on table* *continues typing furiously*

What a way to introduce today’s post. 😀 I hope you’ve missed me as much I’ve missed you. 😀

Life has been quite busy for me lately. I’ve been up to a few things:

1.Finished school and graduating soon

Like I mentioned in this, this and this post here, I was in school last year doing my Masters’ Degree. I completed it and I will be graduating in July! Yaay! Excited is an understatement.

2. Zena Beauty

I recently launched my own online makeup store. It was my Masters’ project in 2017 and I’m beyond ecstatic to see it come to life. So if you’re ever in need of high quality, original beauty products in Kenya, please visit our website : to place your order. Or simply email .

We have high quality products from L’oreal , Maybelline, Mario Badescu, Fenty Beauty, Revolution Makeup, Elf,Neutrogena,NYX and soon we’ll be launching our own product so stay tuned! 😉

Our motto is : Quality, Choice, Innovation. So we focus on stocking only the highest quality products, we strive to offer variety.Of course starting with a few products but planning to expand in a major way. Lastly,we aim to provide our customers with innovative products that make their lives easier.


3.Added more writing experience to my resume

I became a contributor to the Black Hair Hub: A website with massive reach, dedicated to providing women with African hair, advice on hair maintenance, hair inspo, How-to’s and provides an avenue for us to be able to identify with and appreciate our hair. Not just natural hair but also relaxed hair,braids,dreadlocks,short hair,long hair and all things black hair! So if you would like to be featured, send me an email on . Look out for my articles coming soon. My first article is about Crochet braids. I will share them on social media where you’ll be able to view them and be inspired!


winnie the fashionista

4.Did makeup for Wangechi’s video

I’m a professional makeup artist as well. If you didn’t know, now ya know. 😀 My LinkedIn Bio says”Makeup artist, Writer and all round entrepreneur” .

I recently did makeup for Wangechi’s music video…Twice.She’s dropping some dope new music soon. The video shoot was 12 hours and  I stood for most of the 12 hours applying makeup,changing looks and doing touch-ups so I could’t move the next day. I think I was more tired than a long distance truck driver. I exaggerate but you get the picture. 😀 The second time was only about 6 hours so thank goodness.

Wangechi’s recent photoshoot

5.Celebrated my birthday

On February 25th I turned 20 for the 6th year running. As of now I’m 20 plus shipping and taxes. I hung out with giraffes for my birthday, made a few friends…You know…The usual.So let’s do this again next year! Looking forward to turning 20 again. 😀

kenyan fashion blogger

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