You’re looking at the newest graduate from the University of Essex!! Although they pronounced my second name and surname wrong…I wasn’t expecting them to get it right. They never do! But they got the Asian and Russian names right hahaha. How hard is it to pronounce Awuor Awino as opposed to Rozhdestvenskij or Xiaolan? Damn. 😀

I’m so extatic to have finally graduated with an MSc. Entrepreneurship and Innovation…*insert happy dance* . On to the next chapter of life. Might write a book about how to survive uni or something. Please buy it if I do. Okay. Thaanks. 😀

My weapon(read outfit) of choice was an exquisite Kente skirt which I got custom made by Kenyan designer, Angela Ola. I got the fabric from Ghana and Lord knows it did not come cheap. 

I paired it with a white cami and white T-Bar heels which you can get here and here.

Kente, ladies and gentlemen, is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of West Ghana. It was the Fabric of royalty in the days of old. It still is held in high regard by the Akans. Apparently the different colours of the fabric have symbolic meanings. My Kente has yellow, blue, maroon and gold. They represent the following:

  • Yellow/Gold: High worth, richness, fertility, royalty,prosperity,monetary wealth
  • Blue: Peace,togetherness, love and harmony
  • Maroon: Mother Earth and Healing

It is such a precious fabric that you can’t just trust anyone to handle it. My designer also said you’re not supposed to cut it!

So it was an honour to wear it to my graduation because of everything it represents. My mum and dad were with me and made the whole trip possible. They made my whole education possible!

Look out for my upcoming posts where I’ll be chronicling my whole trip to London. All photos were taken using an Iphone since my DSLR was too heavy to carry around.

Kwaheri for now!



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