When my friends in London told me that summer is 30 degrees I was like ”As if!” Last time I checked, summer in the UK only goes up to maximum 23 degrees or so. It’s like someone telling you temperatures in Nairobi are -2 degrees. Quite unusual.

Anyway, I packed me some short skirts and shorts, neons, bright colours, crop tops and a whole lot of hype.So dumbo here stuffed my 2 suitcases with like 20 outfits and 5 pairs of shoes. A decision I regretted when coming back to Kenya when it came time to weighing my bags. Packing as if I wasn’t going to buy any clothes. PShh…Don’t over pack kids. Don’t over pack. 😀

So this was one of the outfits I wore,galavanting out and about in London. I wouldn’t be mad if you confused me for a pen highlighter. 😀

A neon crop top from New Look and Mesh panel mini from Mr.Price South Africa plus classic white converse is what I had planned for this day. This necklace of mine has seen a lot of the world. So far it’s been to Spain, Portugal, France and England. This is one lucky necklace. 😀

My cousin and I did all the touristy stuff like a Bus tour and a river cruise. I still remember zooming past Harrods,Trafalgar Square and the Suit shop from the movie ”Kingsman” without a care in the world!

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More London Blogs coming soon!! 🙂

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