If you ask me what I want more right now: coffee or a holiday? Well,nothing would make me happier than a life time supply of Samosa. I also want a tattoo. Oh,  and 5 million dollars because the government is adding 16% VAT on fuel. Please and thanks!

These photos seem like a world away. Summer, 30 degrees, on a boat, in London, some weird German tourist looking at me weird. All very unlikely scenarios right now. Right now it’s cold, I’m not on a river cruise in London. And you guessed right. No weird German guy is staring at me. Just my dog Mikah, looking at me, judging because I didn’t take her for a walk today. 😀

Ze German Tourist

Like I told you on my previous post, I was ready for this trip. Outfits and all. I felt it was especially fitting to wear a blush-coloured midi and floral cover-up on the Thames. And you can never go wrong with white converse of course!

For the sun glasses I was going for the ”I just got off the phone with my realtor and she said the $10 million Condo in Monaco is now yours” Kind of look. 😀 Basically trying to look rich in my cheap £5 Primark sun glasses.

Think I’ll leave you now. My dog is still looking at me with sad eyes. I need to walk her!

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