It’s me. Your favourite globetrotting person. Well, I’m not really globetrotting. I’m not that rich.I find myself in London once again.It’s been a month now. And I love it I’m never leaving please don’t tell the government. But for some reason I always get chest infections when I come here.

The weather is horrible. Imagine 7 degrees…And no, I’m not talking about the number of degrees that Robert Mugabe has. I’m talking about miserable, cold, windy, cloudy days with a lie of sunshine. And it’s not even winter. Just autumn. I think I need to see a geneticist about becoming a penguin so that I can withstand the cold.

So this winter coat is always glued to my body. With a navy blue scarf to match. And the boots? Never taking them off. I know this has been short. It’s just that I can’t continue typing with this 7 degree cold. I’m joking. It’s just I have to go now and Skype the geneticist about the penguin situation. Wish me luck!


Coat : Dorothy Perkins. HERE

High waist jeans: Topshop.HERE

Boots: Deichmann.HERE

Top: I’ve had this for 10 years.

Sunnies: Primark. Similar HERE

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