Hello babes. And…Not babes. Wow.Look at us.Nearly a year since our last blog post. Let’s clap for ourselves. We’re doing so well. I bet you’ve missed my sarcasm, haven’t you? I know you have, Karen.

A lot has happened since my last post last November. Including the fact that I’ve stopped wearing crop tops, entirely. I also got a job as a Marketing  & PR Executive **Insert applause** I’m also looking more and more like my grandma by the day. But nothing has changed about how I feel about Vivo Woman! I mean, look at how their pieces make me look…Like the Exec I am! Putting my creativity into practice, creating marketing campaigns…Living my best life. **Sunglasses emoji goes here**

Also, Vanessa. My fashionista, extraordinaire workmate Vanessa likes to wear Vivo, while closing deals and looking fabulous doing it. This girl wears heels everyday like she was born wearing them!

We were inspired by the vibrant colours and feminine silhouettes of the latest collection. We both wore a mustard pencil skirt with a  different coloured top. I love this navy, striped bat-wing top which balances out the skirt. Plus mustard? Dark skinned girls were created specifically to wear mustard. We don’t mean to brag. We’re just saying. 😉

We are Vivo Women. 🙂



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