About winnie THE fashionista.

I suck at writing ‘About you’ pages.Like this one. This is probably the 12th time I’ve re-written this page. But that’s because I have evolved over the years.

With this blog I am doing my best to bring awareness to African brands by working with them. Western fashion bloggers have Gucci and Chanel to talk about. I choose to talk about African brands so that eventually they can also acquire international status.

Besides fashion,I’m a Kenyan lawyer by training. But guess what…I love make up so much and I’m so good at it, that I decided to make it my career. Don’t even ask, haha! So yeah. I’m basically a certified professional make-up artist. If you want to know more, visit winniethemakeupartist.com



  1. Hey winnie

    Been following your blog for quite some time now and i’m more than impressed, we would like to partner with you as we are also a company that provides cinematography services from photoshoots to short videos, you name it 😉

    Please do get in touch with us

  2. Hi Winnie love that you love African style whats the best way to contact you about working together ? thanks Rosemary

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