The Japanese have this method of decluttering where you hold every object that you own, in your hands. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you throw it away. Well, so far I’ve let go of my degree, my blunt Bic shaver from 1 year ago and this really whack belt… More


“Why do you write so well anyway?” “I’m a Pisces. It’s what we do.” *blows own trumpet* “Explain yourself” “Umm…” “What goes through your mind as you write?” “Unicorns. And pizza” “Ok. I give up.” “Took you long enough.” 😀 There’s just something about writing and reading things that touch… More


*breathes in* *breathes out* *performs CPR on website* *starts to type*… It’s been what, nearly 4 months now? Life happens. But I’m thankful for the readers that have been patient enough,waiting for me to come back. Those who are constantly checking to see if there’s anything new.Forget Lebron James, You… More